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Woolmark is the guarantee brand of the international wool association and is the most recognized textile symbol in the world.
This symbol represents the best quality and reliability guarantee. Only companies that can provide this quality and reliability guarantee have the license to use the Woolmark brand with their products.
A product bearing the Woolmark stamp must pass a series of stringent tests to comply with the technical standards set by The Woolmark Company.< /h5>


Wool – innovative, versatile and durable. A perfect blend of natural performance, strength and comfort, wool is an ideal choice for interiors of homes, offices, hotels, hospitals and other public spaces. Wool fabrics are an excellent choice for interior products such as upholstery fabrics, carpets, floor coverings, curtains and sleeping clothes, blankets, cushions and sofa covers, with their ability to withstand daily wear and tear for years. /b>


Wool is 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable. Sheep are made from a combination of sunlight, water and grass. Its fibers are extremely durable for long years of active life. It is biodegradable when discarded. It also consists of planet-friendly, renewable fibers. The wool growing on the sheep can be sheared annually. wool is extremely important for responsible consumption for consumers, who are becoming more and more sensitive to environmental aspects of products today.

Tavus Cami Halıları
Tavus Cami Halıları

Human anatomy It was created for walking on soft surfaces. Each wool fiber has a three-dimensional helical α-helix, which gives it a natural elasticity. This elasticity means that the wool fiber can stretch up to 30% more than its original length and return to its original shape. For this reason, wool carpetsincreases the comfort while walking, and also allows the marks caused by the furniture to heal by itself.


1st Luxury & comfort: wool naturally, we feel safe, the power that makes us feel safe and comfortable it is the perfect blend of softness. The advanced fiber wool warms you when you’re cold keeps you cool when you sweat2. Protection of appearance: Wool indoor products, fiber“new” for longer lasting thanks to its strength and durabilitypreserves its appearance. Wool upholstery fabric with high contentand carpets are restored even after the toughest wear it has rotation and anti-static properties dust and dirt means it will attract less particles.

3. Moisture absorption feature: Buildings can contain large amounts of vapor. High humidity for bacteria, fungi and dust mites< span style="color: var(--link-color); font-family: var(--tb-text-primary-font);">provides excellent living conditions. Wool is 33 percent of its own dry weight without giving a wet feeling ü is the highest among popular textiles with its ability to absorb moisture. backhas gain.

4. Safe: Wool‘s inherent chemical structure, woolmakes it inherently flame resistant. wool > less likely to burn. CottonIgnition of wool when igniting at 255°C for the temperature to reach 570- 600°C. Fire a widely used retarder elementhigh tends to self-extinguish Polyester at 252-292°C, nylon at 160-260°C , wool never melts, so burns by not sticking to the skin like many common syntheticsreduces major medical complications of its victims.

Tavus Cami Halıları

5. Healthy: Improves the ambient air. Research conducted at the DWI (Deutsches Wollforschungsinstitut) institute in Germany has shown that molecules originating from pollutants such as formaldehyde, ozone, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide are chemically bound by wool. This also applies to fragrance.

6. Insulation: Wool is a fine and crimped fiber; contains plenty of air spaces and therefore provides better insulation. Rooms decorated with wool materials reduce heating costs and make wool insulation natural and safe.

7. Acoustics: Wool is one of the most effective acoustic building materials. Its natural curves hold the air and provide optimum sound insulation. Wool carpets, for example, prevent noises such as walking sounds and reduce sound emission from other noise sources by up to 80 percent.

8. Ease of care: wool fibers have a natural resistance to stains, thanks to their very thin, waxy top layer attached to the surface. This surface-bound layer cannot be easily removed by washing or various processes. It provides the necessary time for spilled liquids to be wiped off woolfabric before causing permanent stains.