About Us

The life is like a weaving look whose winder is humans…
It yearns for patience, care and skills…
You weave them knot by knot, stich by stitch…
You try to stand up right…
And you thank your Creator with all your heart for all the things He has given to you…


To bring solutions by creating difference for our customers without compromising our quality and innovative path built on the notion that a healthy and peaceful prayer is what everyone deserves.


Having been in business since 1960, Tavus Halı Pazarlama has constantly expanded its target horizon since its foundation and based on the strength it derives from 100% customer satisfaction, it continues its march towards the best carpet manufacturer position in Turkey and to contribute to national economy.

Tavus Cami Halıları
Since 1960s till now. More than half of a century of experience...

With hand-woven carpets that our grandfathers had launched in the district of Demirci, Manisa in 1960, Tavus Halı now boasts of an indoors manufacturing facility in 1980 with a surface area of 6,500m². Having expanded its marketing network, it proceeds with both manufacturing and marketing operations as it had founded Tavus Halı Pazarlama ve Metav Halı in Istanbul in 1994. One-century family experience has now given rise to modern facilities today and the past history and know-how have manifested itself ostensibly at the current phase of Tavus Halı Pazarlama.

Manufacturing of one-hundred percent wool carpets, Tavus Halı Pazarlama not only manufactures those carpets but also assembly them by visiting their sites. High-quality wool that arrives at the manufacturing facilities and are collected from specific spots in our country, such wool first undergoes washing and is blended in the pressed wool blending unit. It moves to the manufacture line to be woven into yarns and is morphed into hanks there so that it undergoes washing once more and those yarns that are washed and dyed are made ready for weaving. Each phase is a showcase of a strict quality control tests. Thereafter the wool is passed onto the weaving loom. The state of art computer-assisted weaving looms diligently process those carpets as they completed their journey through the production stages of shaving, larking, overlocking and rolling in that very same order. Our wool is diligently controlled and laid down by our expert teams at every stage.

Our designers’ designs that reflect the features of classic and modern Islam architecture are started to be processed in those weaving looms. A concept of “Customer Focused Manufacture” is the principle that triumphs in our company and we carry out our manufacturing operations based on the needs and demands of our customers. Mosque-specific designs and –colours are either chosen by us or produced in light of the mosque’s unique design. 

Tavus Halı - Cami Halıları

Our wool carpets are certified with WOOLMARK, issued by International Wool Society. As felting risk is no longer applicable in those carpets manufactured under those standards, they have a brighter and intense surface. The fact that our Company was eligible to the Wollmark Certificate issued by International Wool Society is a globally acknowledged certificate as it is issued only to those manufacturers that guarantee those specific standards for high-quality and healthy manufacture, and therefore this certificate is a showcase of sound quality in wool carpet manufacture and service.

Moreover, our Company has been certified with ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management Certificate as well and its first and foremost goal is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction without comprising from the quality principles.

Tavus Halı Pazarlama is at the service of its customers today with its 100 staff members and its specialist market team under its belt. Carpets that are manufactured in facilities with an annual capacity of 300,000 square meter are under the strict control of Tavus Halı until their assembly lines. Tavus Halı Pazarlama actually pursues the profession of its ascendants and its principle is to hold a well-reputed and dignified position in the mosque industry so that it has so far carpeted more than 30 thousand mosques. In Tavus Halı Pazarlama, we are trying our best to do this profession inherited to us from our ascendants with satisfaction and professionalism. We are doing our best to contribute to those stitches woven by them as far as we can manage to do.

Tavus Halı - Cami Halıları

Since our day number one, our target has never wavered: Based on our strength from 100% customer satisfaction, our goal is to be the best carpet-manufacturer of Turkey and to contribute to our national economy.
With Godspeed