Tavus Halı

Tavus Halı Pazarlama is at the service of its customers today with its 100 staff members and its specialist market team under its belt. Carpets that are manufactured in facilities with an annual capacity of 300,000 square meter are under the strict control of Tavus Halı until their assembly lines. Tavus Halı Pazarlama actually pursues the profession of its ascendants and its principle is to hold a well-reputed and dignified position in the mosque industry so that it has so far carpeted more than 30 thousand mosques. In Tavus Halı Pazarlama, we are trying our best to do this profession inherited to us from our ascendants with satisfaction and professionalism. We are doing our best to contribute to those stitches woven by them as far as we can manage to do.

Since our day number one, our target has never wavered: Based on our strength from 100% customer satisfaction, our goal is to be the best carpet-manufacturer of Turkey and to contribute to our national economy.

Importance of Woolmark

We are well aware of the fact that high quality is never a haphazard chance. Our company has been certified with Wollmark Certificate issued by International Wool Society. This globally-acknowledged certificate is a guarantee of “high quality” in wool carpet industry and relevant services. Moreover, our Company has been certified with ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management Certificate as well and its first and foremost goal is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction without comprising from the quality principles.

The Woolmark logo is one of the most recognizable textile symbols in the world.
Indicates that the product it is on is made of 100% Pure New Wool. This
products are fundamental in such a way as to give the consumer confidence that a quality product is being purchased meet performance standards.


Original Designs and Models

Success takes love and effort. Since 1960, we have been doing our job with love, and we have been producing unique patterns and models for our company with our own design team. We continue to add value to the sector with modern designs that catch the day and combine the past with the present.


Ground Resistant


Rengi Solmaz

Güve Yemez

Alev Almaz

Zemine Dayanıklı