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Thanks to the carbon film heating system, which is extremely easy to install and does not harm the texture of the mosque in any way, you will not have to pay a small fortune for heating.

Carbon film heating system is made by our company on a turnkey basis. Carbon films are known as high-tech heaters produced without the use of wire and resistance. The heating process is provided by the nano-carbon special mixture inside. The system, which heats everywhere equally, has a CE certificate in European standards. It is very easy to install and has high efficiency. It never harms the texture of the mosque.

The most important feature of the carbon film system is that it heats up in a very short time. The system is activated at the specified time before the prayer times. With the end of the prayer, the system automatically shuts down at the specified time. This minimizes the heating cost. You won’t have to pay a small fortune to stay warm! It provides at least 30 percent savings compared to other heating systems.

In the carbon film system, the temperature of the carpet surface is around 45°C. It only takes a few minutes for the system to warm up. In addition, thanks to the pure activating feature of the system, waste is prevented. You can activate the entire system in Friday prayers, while warming the first one or two rows in the morning prayer when the congregation is low.

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