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Acrylic mosque carpets are resistant to mold. Acrylic carpets, which are easy to clean, do not feel felt.

We can produce in the factory in any size and pattern you want in our acrylic carpet series. Acrylic carpets generally cost less than wool carpets but have similar properties. However, acrylic carpets containing petroleum material are flammable.



Color Not Fade


Ground Resistant


Product Description

Mold Resistant

Carpets that completely cover the floor of the mosque should be strong, long-lasting and useful. Acrylic carpets have the appearance of wool with their structure, are resistant to mold and are resistant to sunlight.

Mothproof, Insect Resistant

Acrylic carpets do not feel felt, knee marks do not occur. Does not discolor, shines as it is cleaned. Acrylic carpets, which can be easily washed, are resistant to moths, insects, oil and chemicals. It can be used with peace of mind for years.

Dozens of Patterns, Dozens of Patterns

Each mosque has a different character. Based on these different characters, we work on patterns, models and colors specific to each mosque. With our experience of half a century, we are at your service with dozens of colors/patterns and models…

Tavus Halı - Cami Halıları
In our factory, production can be made in the pattern and color you want.

In line with the demands of individuals or institutions; determined colors and patterns in the desired style can be created. At this stage, both creativity and experience are at the forefront. As a matter of fact, the dimensions of the carpet to be designed, the area of use and most importantly the design requested by the customer should be taken into consideration. In this way, all these criteria are successfully blended and the desired design emerges.

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